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Izza’s Tea Party

About the Book

Izza’s Tea Party’s story revolves around a 5-year-old girl Izza, visiting her grandparent’s house for a tea party along with her mother and pets Sonu (bird) and Ella (dog). It teaches children to be careful around hot liquids and stove. The book bids a promise for children to always stay Five Steps Away from hot stove and hot liquids and tell their friends to do the same. It includes a pledge for parents to protect their children from burns, a quiz, activities and a Super-Duper Safety Pro Certificate for children. In the end it teaches first aid in case of scald burns.


A family guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention in a home environment. Izza’s tea Party story book includes:
Story of 5-year-old adorable girl Izza visiting her grandparents’ house for tea party.
How to prevent scald burn and how to stay safe at home
A Burn Prevention Quiz, a Burn Prevention Worksheet
A Interaction Activities
A Super Pro Certificate
First Aid information for scald burns

Key Note

Izza’s Tea Party is a friendly story of a loving family that provides family guide to prevent burn accidents in a home environment. It teaches children to be safe than sorry.

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