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My name is Hashmat Effendi. Since 1997, I am reaching out to children suffering and struggling to live with burn injuries.  In my journey I have seen how in a moment life of a child changes with one small risky behavior.

The hard fact of burns in children are devastating. Do you know every day 3 children die; 685 children require medical attention and 41 children require hospitalization due to burn injuries. Moreover, hot water is the number one cause of burn injuries for children under the age of 5.

Years ago, when I became a mother of three abortable boys, my passion for preventing children from injuries matured and grew into motherly love. I realized how much my children depended on my vigilance.  A child’s safe upbringing and ability to thrive as a productive community member depends on caregivers.  My goal became my passions as research also shows that parents play the most essential role in childhood burn prevention.

This philosophy inspired all my future endeavors from becoming a humanitarian to a loving grandmother and now book author. When I was fighting with cancer, my granddaughter Izza rekindled my passion by becoming an inspiration for this book. Izza helped developing the characters using her toys and as I recovered from cancer these characters became alive in Izza’s Tea Party.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Indeed, I am blessed!

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