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My name is Hashmat Effendi. Since 1997, I am reaching out to children suffering and struggling to live with burn injuries.  In my journey I have seen how in a moment life of a child changes with one small risky behavior.

The hard fact of burns in children are devastating. Do you know every day 3 children die; 685 children require medical attention and 41 children require hospitalization due to burn injuries. Moreover, hot water is the number one cause of burn injuries for children under the age of 5.

Years ago, when I became a mother of three abortable boys, my passion for preventing children from injuries matured and grew into motherly love. I realized how much my children depended on my vigilance.  A child’s safe upbringing and ability to thrive as a productive community member depends on caregivers.  My goal became my passions as research also shows that parents play the most essential role in childhood burn prevention.


My Inspiration and Aspirations

I never thought from being completely healthy and active, my life will be changed in an instance by these 2 words …. “IT’S CANCER.” It felt like a death sentence!

I very well remember I was on one of my routine medical missions to Pakistan, as healthy as can be, while a breast self-exam I noticed a small lump. After that followed a mammogram, an ultrasound, CT scan, PET scan, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and several biopsies I received the diagnosis of triple negative grade 3 breast cancer. It was a fast-growing cancer and has a higher percentage of reoccurring in other parts of the body.

It is impossible to explain how I felt; the fear gripped me tightly and began to squeeze me in its hands. I had no family history of cancer; I was healthy with no other health issues. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t real, but it was real. My family, friends and health professionals assured me that I will be fine, there is a cure… BUT it didn’t help. I slowly started to realize that I have cancer and I don’t know what will happen to me – ONLY GOD knows.

Cancer survivor 2


Hashmat Effendi’s response to human suffering has put smiles on the faces of thousands of children suffering with burns and congenital deformities in Pakistan and around the world. And, because of that, Shalamar Hospital proudly naming the Burns and Plastic Surgery department on Hashmat Effendi, Said Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Shalamar Hospital, Lahore Pakistan 25th November 2017.

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